NGO and Not For Profit organisations are now vital links between business, government and society. Because of spiralling costs and complications of government involvement, services that have historically been provided by governments are more commonly being pushed off the national balance sheet and into the NGO and NFP community to provide solutions. Furthermore, individual governments cannot deal with global problems, and entities distinct from governments such as NGOs can mobilise and expand support for causes across borders. For many years, executive search has held a vital role in finding new leaders to adapt to this changing landscape. Kestria can identify these social entrepreneurs that can spur innovative solutions and demonstrate real return on investment to governments, foundations, businesses or private contributors. In doing this, they deliver on their mission to make people’s lives better.

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Percentage of new business coming from our existing client base
Percentage of shortlisted candidates that are considered a minority on a local market

Based on 460 NGO & Not For Profit assignments.

What makes us the right partner for you?
  • The largest global footprint of NGO/NFPs specialists in executive search including key locations of Africa, Greater Asia and India. 
  • Expertise globally in NFP leadership appointments including board appointments 
  • Demonstrated success in cross border searches with global NGOs 
  • Demonstrated commitment to the sector with most of our members sitting on NFPs boards

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