We provide top-class executive search and other HR services to connect you to the best and brightest candidates in the field. Long a bedrock sector of the global economy, our clients in the Banking & Financial Services field are witnessing a profound shift of traditional industry boundaries as financial markets continue to be influenced by regulators, activist shareholders, politicians, investors and special interest groups. Yet the fierce competition for the best industry talent continues unabated, fuelled by growth opportunities in legacy and emerging market centres.

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Percentage of shortlisted candidates that are considered a minority on a local market

Based on 808 Banking & Financial Services assignments.

What makes us the right partner for you?
  • We don’t just deliver results, we build enduring relationships.
  • We have a long track record of partnering with clients across the banking sector. 
  • Transparent processes that globally boost local expertise and offer exceptional outcomes through boutique services.

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