Kestria introduces a new Agribusiness & Agriscience Americas Practice Leader
In the rapidly evolving Agribusiness sector, where sustainability meets innovation, Kestria is at the forefront of shaping the industry's future. Acknowledging the critical role of leadership in navigating these transformative times, Kestria is proud to announce the strengthening of its global team. Carlos Staut, representing Kestria Brazil, has been named the new Agribusiness & Agriscience Americas Practice Leader. With his appointment, Kestria not only reaffirms its commitment to the Agribusiness space but also highlights its dedication to driving growth and excellence across the Americas.

Carlos Eduardo Staut, CEO, Kestria Brazil is a seasoned business management professional with over 30 years of experience. He is responsible for commercial management, defining strategies and implementing innovative technologies. In addition to his extensive background in business management, Carlos has a wealth of experience in the field of executive search and human resources. As the head of StautGROUP, he leads the Executive Search division, specializing in identifying and recruiting top-tier talent for organizations across various industries.

Carlos Eduardo Staut
CEO, Kestria Brazil

‘If you want to be at the forefront of the whole Agribusiness in general you must have a presence in the Americas. Lands, technology, weather and other factors make the Americas the new frontier of Agribusiness now and for years ahead. I look forward to leveraging Kestria´s America Agriscience Practice to contribute meaningfully to the growth of our network and bring information and solutions to our global clients. I am excited about the impactful opportunities that lie ahead in advancing our shared vision for a thriving and resilient agricultural future,’ says Carlos Eduardo Staut, CEO, Kestria Brazil, newly appointed Kestria Agribusiness & Agriscience Americas Practice Leader.

Patrick Westerburger
Managing Partner, Kestria Netherlands

‘The Americas is one of the world’s most important regions when it comes to feeding the growing world population. With his impressive track record, Carlos and his Americas team will be able to help our clients find the right leadership for the highly innovative developments in the industry,’ adds Patrick Westerburger, Managing Partner, Kestria Netherlands, Kestria Agribusiness & Agriscience Global Practice Leader.

About Kestria

Kestria is a global professional alliance of executive search firms, united in their commitment to support clients in sourcing and retaining key leadership talent. Our partners are as culturally and geographically diverse as our clients. Located in 40+ countries, 90+ cities on six continents, Kestria has the footprint and agility needed to serve multinationals and SMEs with dedication and a personal touch.

We’ve successfully completed 40,000+ searches for over 4,000 clients, serving everyone from game-changing start-ups to major global players. Ranked as the world's largest retained executive search alliance in terms of geographical coverage, Kestria is Fluent in finding leaders.

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