IRC appoints new Regional Technology Practice Leaders
Organisations today recognize that it’s critical and imperative to add technology-savvy leaders to lead in the coming decades of uncertainty. As IRC Technology Practice grows across all regions, it has decided to further strengthen its global team.

Ron Magen, from IRC Israel, has been named as the new EMEA Technology Practice Leader, while Hong Nguyen, from IRC Vietnam, takes over as the new Asia Pacific Technology Practice Leader.

Talking about the impact of technology on the leadership in the 2020s, Ron Magen says: “Leaders are catalysts for technological breakthroughs as such. Cultivating high-quality leadership in the tech industry is critical for unleashing pivotal organizational changes and for driving organizational growth and impact. Over the decades, scientists and tech companies developed the technology infrastructure to facilitate human progress. Hence, it is the role of 21st-century tech leaders to facilitate the implementation of technology to society.”

"While most businesses and enterprises are facing the challenges of technology transformation including non-technology companies, we help our clients to bring the top talents that they can enhance their skills to build the technology leaders team, they aware of technology trends that the team could bring the updated knowledge into business.

Although technology saves cost and improves efficiency, it’s integration is a painful and unpredictable process. We foresee the issues and help define leadership needs for clients," says Hong Nguyen.

Gurdeep S. Hora, Global Technology Practice Leader, adds that IRC helps identify effective leaders who have greater cognitive agility and cultivate organizational resilience by facilitating intercultural cooperation among tech experts. They act as catalysts to enable quantum technology changes. With these additions, we will be able to assist still better and support and play a major role in our client’s progress globally.

Technology Practice team: Ron Magen, Stacy Holland, Gurdeep S. Hora, Naja Gissel Ørnbjerg, Hong Nguyen, Tom Berray

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