The way NGOs must operate in the future
The current criticism of the World Health Organisation for their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic highlights a major issue for the way NGOs must operate in the future.

The WHO, as most considered observers would agree, has done an incredible job over the years of its formation in protecting the most vulnerable. I have seen this firsthand with the work we do with NGOs in our Asia Pacific region. However, in this politicised and polarised world, it is becoming increasingly difficult for NGOs to operate to their mandate, particularly when issues of their funding and independence are called into question.

Any large global NGO, by its nature, is going to be bureaucratic, political and attuned to the needs of its disparate stakeholders. In turn, governments must recognise the unique and valuable way an organisation like the WHO marshals people, supplies and solutions across borders in ways that independent nations would never be able to. The WHO is a vital and valuable arm of our global response to pandemics, disasters and other crises events that challenge our world – both civil society and global NGOs must work together now more than ever to ensure mutual cooperation and ongoing improvement.

At Kestria, we stand ready to work with governments and NGOs to find the future leaders to continue the transformational journey our world requires.

Kestria NGO & Not For Profit Practice Group

The NGO and Not For Profit organisations are now both vital links between business, government and society. Services that have historically been provided by governments are more and more being pushed off the national balance sheet and into the NGO and NFP community to provide solutions.

Executive search has for many years provided a vital role in finding new leaders to adapt to this changing landscape in NGOs and Not For Profits. Kestria is able to identify these social entrepreneurs that can spur innovative solutions and demonstrate real return on investment to governments, foundations, businesses or the private donor. In doing this, they deliver on their mission to make people’s lives better. 

Malcolm Duncan
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