Steven B. McKinney is the Founder and President of McKinney Consulting which was established in Seoul, South Korea in 2001. He has combined over 17 years of high-performance executive search and leadership consulting solutions to his multinational clients in the Industrial, Consumer Goods, Technology and other industries in Korea.

Prior to McKinney, he had 13 years of experience at Adidas International as Head of Footwear Product Development (Globally), Production Manager for Reebok International's largest manufacturing facility in the world situated in Korea and others. He has traveled to 25 countries.

He has served on non-profit boards such as the American Chamber of Commerce, Korea, the Korea Foreign Schools Foundation and is a Co-founder of the Korea Business Leaders Alliance.
He has a B.A. Education from Mars Hill University, Certified Master Coach from Behavioral Coaching Institute, Leadership Coaching Strategies Certificate from Harvard University and was bestowed Honorary Citizenship of Seoul in 2007.

Kestria South Korea
Kestria, Industrial/Production Practice

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