With an extensive network and over twenty years of direct pharmaceutical and healthcare experience, Celine is a Partner at Pender & Howe. She advises Biotech, MedTech, and AI Health clients on executive-level search strategies. Celine's European background and solid understanding of North American business culture uniquely position her to assist European companies in recruiting executive talent for their subsidiaries in North America.

She has accumulated more than 900 hours of coaching practice (PCC certification). As a pharmacist by trade, she has developed a personalized and knowledge-backed approach to supporting her clients.

Purpose-driven and people-focused, Celine helps connect smart individuals globally. She is the Practice Leader of America’s life sciences practice in Kestria and a board member of Women in Bio, a volunteer organization that supports DEI practices in life sciences and promotes top-tier executives in developing their leadership skills and obtaining a holistic understanding of corporate boards.

A mother of three children, Celine's other passions are sailing and trail running for the challenges, team spirit, and recharging in nature.

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