Building lasting bonds with clients: Recipe for 20 years of success!
March 9, 2023
3 minutes

Elevating business to the next level is a crucial aspect of success in today's competitive market.

The unique approach of Kestria focuses on creating a lasting partnership, not just filling roles. By handpicking the right employees for their clients, they empower their business to achieve growth and success with every placement.

“No client is too big or too small, every single one is treated with equal attention and commitment,” says Gary Saenger, President, Kestria USA: Saenger Associates.

Where things began

Nearly 20 years ago, the company was approached by a Southern California non-profit organization specializing in childcare resources and education for families. The non-profit faced a major challenge as their long-serving CEO was set to retire, leaving a significant gap in their collective knowledge and expertise. The task at hand was to find a new CEO with a strong background in child services, someone who could hit the ground running and not require a lengthy adjustment period. However, the non-profit's internal HR department struggled to find the right fit after months of searching.

The great match

The client non-profit had never worked with an executive search firm before. But with the impending retirement of a long-serving CEO, they needed to find the right fit fast. Kestria USA: Saenger Associates met with the non-profit and explained the advantages of working with an executive search firm. 

By freeing up the non-profit to focus on the big picture, they were able to move quickly. They stepped in, leveraging their extensive experience and expertise to source the perfect candidate for the role. And they delivered, within 90 days, a candidate that was a great match for the non-profit. 

This successful placement not only filled the critical role, but the new CEO stayed on, and is a long-term huge asset to the organization. Dr. Michael Olenick has now been in the role nearly 20 years and is still going strong.

Growth and longevity in the partnership 

At the time of Kestria USA: Saenger Associates first search, the client was smaller, approximately $80 million in revenue and on probation. Nearly 20 years later, the CEO they helped place has successfully grown the agency to over $450 million in revenue and more than 1,200 employees.

The successful placement marked the beginning of a long-term relationship as a friend and as a vendor with the CEO, a partnership that continues to this day. Over the years they have done several executive and senior management searches for the client.

Specifically helped them recruit many of their executives including:




Head of Human Resources


Operations and audit personnel

And they're not slowing down – last year, they partnered with CCRC in the hiring of their new Head of DEI. The candidate was such a great fit that the client waited a few months from the time of the offer acceptance to start of employment due to a serious family emergency.

Their relationship is built on open communication and mutual trust. They're more than just recruiters, they're trusted business advisors, sitting in on strategic planning sessions and playing a role in shaping the client’s future. Thanks to these in-depth conversations, Kestria USA: Saenger Associates knows what the client needs, what is allowing them to find the excellent fit for their senior management and executive roles. It's a partnership that delivers results!

Helping our partners in the modern day 

Clients who are embarking on an executive search are typically in a state of change and growth. Using an executive search firm is a great solution for many companies because it offers them a variety of candidates that are already vetted for their experience and relevance to the organization, and their compensation expectations. Kestria USA: Saenger Associates can help companies round out their senior management and C-suite with “best of class candidates” who can help them navigate the current industry and world environments while they help grow the company.

At Kestria we are committed to delivering results, our approach goes beyond just filling roles, but focuses on developing a strategic partnership with clients to drive growth and success.

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